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Mining Investment London
Mining Investment Europe is a strategic mining conference and exhibition for the leaders of the mining, quarrying and construction materials industries, bringing together 250 attendees from 20 countries. Mining companies, investors, governments and service providers travel from all over Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America for two days of partnering, networking and business matching. Now in its 3rd year, Mining Investment London has grown to become the premier mining investment & capital raising conference in the UK. The core of…

Public Deliverables

Nr.Date of PublicationTitleTypeFiles
D 1.1 04.12.2017 System Requirements Documents Confidential Contact Us
D 1.2 04.12.2017 User and Application Scenarios Confidential Contact Us
D 2.1 31.08.2018 Free Surface Simulation Toolbox Confidential Contact Us
D 2.2 31.08.2018 Initial Design of the GUIs Confidential Contact Us
D 2.331.12.2018Graphic User InterfaceConfidentialContact Us
D 2.428.02.2019Moving Object and Heat Transfer ToolboxesConfidentialContact Us
D 2.531.05.2019CAD CompatabilityConfidentialContact Us
D 3.1 20.08.2018 Intermediate Report on Testing and Validation Achievements Confidential Contact Us
D 3.2 28.02.2019 Validation Toolboxes ModulesConfidentialContact Us
D 5.1 21.12.2017 Website OnlinePublic Download
D 5.2 10.08.2018 Patent FillingPublic Download
D 5.3 20.08.2018 Website Update and Press ActionPublic Download
D 5.4 20.08.2018 European Workshop Public Download
D 5.520.08.2018International WorkshopPublicDownload
D Risk Assessment Report ConfidentialContact Us

Published Articles

Szewc, K., Mangold, J., Bauinger, C., Schifko, M. et al., “GPU-Accelerated Meshless CFD Methods for Solving Engineering Problems in the Automotive Industry,” SAE Technical Paper 2018-01-0492, 2018,


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